EBS Adapter calling PL/SQL

I have used the EBS Adapter on version 12 – and encountered some problems. The EBS Adapter is for example packaged into Mobile Suite with OSB and is perfect for example mobile-enabling you EBS. Here is some more info: Youtube  or datasheet. The problem I encountered was during call to a PL/SQL API in EBS Adapter. It looked like this:

What should be expected here is that it call a wrapper package that is generated in the APPS schema, but it calls the original package. Here is a link to the documentation 2014-10-31_1348   and the WSDL anticipates that the boolean is now an int, but it calls the wrong package. This can also be verified by logging SQL by using this tip. So to fix this you must update the file myAppsReference_apps.jca manually:

  This look like a bug to me, but is easy to fix. The other tip I would like to give is to use the flexibility that lies in using a wrapper-package – use only the parameters you need – you are allowed to rewrite the contents of the wrapper package (for instance by calling package with parameter => value instead of the default generated code. It makes it easier to debug (by using 10 instead of 60 parameters)