Friday February 26th, 2016 - 08:06 PM

-How to manage with out this kind of systems?

Norwegian Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen was full of praise for his visit at IT companies SYSCO and Vigilo.

As part of the visit at the international IT environment in Haugesund, the Minister was briefed about the various research and innovation projects we are working with, and what opportunities for increased efficiency it represents to the public sector.

The Minister was joined by representatives from Sysco partners and politicians from the municipalities of Haugalandet.

-Our focus has been the combination of modern technology, innovation and customer expertise to create better solutions, so they can operate more efficiently and provide better service to their customers, explained Sysco CEO Frank Vikingstad.

He referred to various innovation projects that the company has developed over the years and how this had contributed to the company’s strong growth.

SYSCO has acquired a central position within the energy industry, and is therefore well positioned also for future digitization projects.

Vikingstad now see an infinite potential for innovation, efficiency and improvement particularly in the energy sector. The reason is the digital transformation that regulations on AMS and Elhub represent. He pulled the occasion also forward the government’s motto of “new ideas and better solutions.” -This suits us perfectly, commented Vikingstad.

It seemed indeed as the Minister enjoyed what he was presented and he wondered ultimately on how to do without such systems as SYSCO supplies? Røe Isaksen expressed a wish  that more schools take a closer look at SYSCO´s systems.

SYSCO sees the ministerial visit as recognition of the company’s commitment to research, innovation and development, and appreciates that the political environment is open to new solutions.

-In our partnership with both public and private clients, we always try to increase the quality of what they deliver, while also looking for more efficient ways of working.
It is incredibly exciting to see how technology can help us achieve both of these goals, says SYSCO CEO Frank Vikingstad.