Database upgrade

What would happen if your data just disappeared? Is it time to upgrade your database to the Cloud?

Oracle POC

Get an overview of your opportunities by moving your databases and applications in the Oracle Cloud. We know it can be difficult to understand what it means to move your database or application in the cloud therefore we would love to help you.

Sign up for a PoC before 30th October 2019 and we will perform a test migration of a medium sized database at no cost*.

Let Sysco make a PoC of your systems, so you easily can experience the benefits of Oracle Cloud. We help you get through the process safely and uncover your opportunities in the cloud based on your specific needs.

Once you have completed the process, you have a baseline for performance, security and accessibility from your existing solution as well as a recommendation for future Cloud solution and an overall migration plan.

With our PoC, we give you a clear basis for making decisions, and you get answers to questions like:

  • What performance can we achieve in the cloud?
  • How much flexibility do we need?
  • How do we handle the solution in the cloud?
  • What costs and savings should we expect?

* Subject for approval by Oracle

Upgrade your database

Take your data into the clouds with Oracle Cloud – and become flexible, scalable and cost effective.

– Get an overview of your opportunities by relocating databases and applications into the Cloud.

Businesses across a broad spectrum are currently looking for IT solutions that can be scaled up and down, and costs that are just as flexible. A number of businesses are therefore facing major decisions as to whether they are to upgrade their existing solutions or relocate their database to Cloud. Besides, it may be hard to grasp what it means to relocate an application into the Cloud.

By switching to Oracle Cloud a flexible and scale solution is achieved, which into the bargain is cost effective compared to using a normal data centre. By choosing Cloud you have the option of selecting a ’pay as you go’ model, which means that you pay only for what you actually use. The model also makes it faster to deploy new services.

With Basecare, a part of Sysco, as partner in the transition to Cloud, you are guaranteed a successful outcome and you avoid having to invest further in internal Oracle specialists. We are Oracle Cloud Specialised and a Platin partner with a number of reference implementations. We would like to share our experiences and offer our assistance with Proof of Concept (PoC), with the migration itself, and Managed Services.

You may combine Oracle Cloud with Basecare Discover, a Cloud based monitoring solution. Hereby you get a full package of database and Java applications delivered as a Managed Services solution, enabling you to free operation resources to concentrate on developing and implementing new business solutions.

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